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Hobo - 120ml Jar Travel Tin (Lemongrass + Coconut)

Hobo + Co are an independent home fragrance company based in Louth, Lincolnshire. Each candle is made from soy wax which is a more eco-friendly and sustainable and makes for a longer burn time. Each product is hand picked, made and packaged by the small team of Hobo + Co in rural Lincolnshire. 

Lemongrass and Coconut - 
An enticing fusion of creamy coconut with tangy and refreshing lemongrass, just imagine tropical beaches.  


Instructions for Use

For best results when lighting for the first time, allow wax to melt to the sides of the jar, ensuring a consistent burn. Maximum recommended burn time is 4 hrs per burn. Always trim wick after each burn to 1/8 inch by breaking or cutting off the burnt ends when cool. Full safety instructions can be found on the base of each candle. 

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