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Super cute and unusual 1950's "Hygiene Pourer". Glass vessel with pink frosted detail. The perfect addition to your breakfast table or bar! Orange juice or milk, you decide. 

Measures 17cm high (approx)


This is a vintage boxed Bel cream maker. Excellent condition though the box is damaged and missing the top. 


1970s Hostess Tableware "Blue Mood" Casserole Dish designed by John Russell. In good vintage condition, one small chip to a handle. 

18.5cm diameter and 7cm deep


We have an original vintage SodaStream. This is the orange and white version circa 1970 and is highly sought after! It comes with the full machine and stand, spare gas cannister as well as the one currently inserted, and eight original soda stream bottles. 


The machine is in good working order and great condition. A few of the bottle lids have fallen victim to slight yellowing due to age but the bottles themselves are in great condition. It comes with the full SodaStream set up to impress your BBQ guests with!


Vintage Tupperware at its finest! This orange plastic juice pitcher has a vacuum lid to keep everything leak free! Perfect for keeping in the fridge on those hot summer days, or for showing off at a picnic! Fab condition, no cracks and the lid still works.

20.5cm tall

This is a vintage Alvingham pottery butter dome and plate from 1976. It's in great vintage condition and would look perfect on a vintage table set-up!
This is a vintage Alvingham pottery cheese dome and plate. This features a little white mouse on the dome but sadly it has a chip on the plate and the little mouse has lost its ears over the years.

This is a white atomic pan stand circa 1960s. Five different levels so can fit up to five pans. Atomic style with white ball feet. This would look perfect in a mid-century style kitchen!

Great vintage condition!

H - 80cm

W- 30cm

D- 30cm

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