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The award-winning, spiced Gingerbread Chai has a rooibos base; with the delicious tastes of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom, it's the perfect warm treat.

This tea cupboard staple gives us a little taste of Christmas all year round.

15 biodegradable tea pouches.


Fresh, smooth, naturally caffeine free peppermint tea. Peppermint can help settle stomachs, relieve indigestion, help soothe sickness and improve oral health. It has fantastic digestive health properties, it's also a refreshing & cooling tea, just perfect for any season!

15 biodegradable tea pouches


Bird & Blend's best-selling fantastically fruity tea infusion that really does taste as good as it smells!

With real strawberry chunks, tangy lime leaves and zesty orange peel. Amazing hot, iced or cold brewed, this versatile little number is a big hit all-round. 

15 Biodegradable tea parcels


The very best of Colombian, ethically sourced beans from the Huila region of Colombia roasted to give a full bodied mouth feel with rich chocolate and caramel undertones and a pleasant cherry acidity. A real ‘go-to’ coffee for all coffee lovers. An intense espresso, beautifully sweet stretched a little with water and makes a perfect flat white!

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