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The Dad Edit

For this Father's day we thought we'd help you ditch the usual crate of Carling and novelty socks and swap it for something slightly more special. We've clubbed together some bits that we think your dad would proper love. 
Each card is handmade by The Humber Print Maker using letterpress and lino print. Here are our faves - Haile Sands Fort and Grimsby Docks. 
Now is a better time than any to show your love for GTFC. Your dad can display this handmade lino print by local artist Eddie Fowler with pride. 
We're big fans of Lucy Maggie cards and her Father's day selection is pretty damn cute. 
It seems that when people get to 'a certain age' they start to grow a real fondness for birds. If your old man's reached the point where he's invested in a good pair of binoculars and bought the RSPB pocket guide to birds, then these are for him. Hand turned bird houses and bird feeders by local master craftsman Geoff Meanwell.
'The Grimsby Town GY246' is one of our favourite pieces from local artist Dale Mackie. If your dad's into his local fishing history then this original artwork showcasing one of the towns most well known trawlers would make a very special gift. 
If your dad's a big kid, these vintage games will be enough to put a smile on his face. Problem is you're probably going to have to play it with him, so maybe give him it just as you're about to leave. 


Local photographer Third View Images captures beautiful moments from Cleethorpes Beach and beyond. This piece is 'Pre-dawn colours over Humberston Creek', but you can see the rest of his work here

'Pre-dawn colours over Humberston Creek' by Third View Images £18



We really really love this beautiful little book made by local brothers Andy and Richard McClean featuring 50 images of the Humberston Fitties over a period of 11 years. If you're a local that's visited the Fitties over the years then you can't help but feel slightly sentimental over this book. 

Seagull Swamp 'If You're Fond of Sand Dunes' £6.50

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