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July 2022
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Oh Hi Babes!

Cheers for stopping by. If you don’t know us, we’re a coffee and lifestyle store based in Cleethorpes. We specialise in mid-century furniture and vintage homeware, house plants, plant care and accessories, art and home fragrance products. We’re also rather proud to boast a range of original artwork from local artists and makers, including Dale Mackie and The Humber Print Maker.

If you pop into the shop for a brew, you’ll likely be greeted by one of these four faces, or all of them if you’re lucky! There’s three of us at the helm of Maranta - Kelly, Claire and Olivia, and we also have help from our lovely Jo and Harrison. We thought we should probably introduce ourselves, just in case you’re ever stuck in a lift with one of us..




Summing up Kelly in one paragraph is no mean feat, so we’ll start with the important bits. She’s partial to a cup of tea (though is now dabbling in one shot cappuccinos), and her fave thing for lunch is a mini-Victoria sponge cake from Coopy's.  You’ll find her in and out of Maranta throughout the week and weekend, usually in between picking up vintage furniture or knocking down walls in one of her Airbnb’s. As well as juggling Maranta, Kelly also runs an Airbnb business, Haile Sands. She’s usually followed by her little dog and shop mascot, Rey, who is lovingly referred to as the ‘Barky Bastard’. It’s thanks to Kelly that Maranta has such a wide range of mid-century and vintage products, a lot of which she’d been hoarding for years in the hope that one day she might actually sell some of it.  

Cooplands order - Kelly is currently boycotting Cooplands as they have discontinued her fave, but her previous order was a chicken mayo bun and a mini-Victoria sponge cake. 




If you’ve ever been in first thing in the morning when Claire’s opening up and Dua Lipa is blasting out of the speakers at full volume, it’s probably because Olivia’s had a Dua-disco whilst hoovering the night before. Creative and full of energy, Olivia can often be found on the beach with her beloved dog Mable, or in the pub losing at darts. If you can't find Olivia in the shop then you'll likely find her in Swashy drinking black sambuca and dancing to Abba. 

Cooplands order - Egg mayo bun, cheese and onion crisps and an iced bun. 




Claire is our resident Daisy Edgar Jones lookalike. She's a new mum to a tribe of stick insects, as well as her to human children, who you'll often find behind the till 'helping' to serve. Claire is by far the most organised member of the team and loves nothing more than an excel spreadsheet and filing things. You'll find her in there throughout the week as well as the odd weekend when she's not at magical castle with the kids. 

Cooplands order – Seafood salad bun, salt and vinegar crisps and a mini Victoria sponge cake.



Jo is our saving grace and artist extraordinaire. Her past career saw her styling most of Britpop and she’s our resident 90’s scene expert. She also just so happens to be the famous ‘Deborah’ from Pulp’s Disco 2000 video, so we have no idea what she’s doing working with us. Jo is responsible for all our window displays and basically anything arty within the shop, she’s proper clever. You’ll find her in Maranta on Mondays, Thursdays and alternative Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re lucky she’ll even have her little dog Olive with her too. Oh, and she put nipple tassels on Beyonce once, just saying..  

Cooplands order - too cool for Coopy's



You’ll find Harrison in Maranta on a Saturday and Sunday. He started out as our Saturday pot washer, but we soon learnt that scrubbing dirty mugs wasn’t his only talent, so his role quickly grew into server and barista too. Our favourite fact about Harrison is that up until recently, he didn’t know who Justin Timberlake was, bless. 

Cooplands order - Like Jo, Harrison does not partake in a Coopy's (or pictures).


An honourable mention goes out to Shereen and Lucy, who spend so much time in here that they're practically part of the team and joined us on our staff night out. 


We also couldn't write about the team without mentioning Miriam, whose dedication to Maranta goes above and beyond. She never fails to put in a shift after a morning at Forest school and has now been promoted to the position of customer liaison officer. 

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